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Intentional Healing with Tiffany Monique

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You deserve a full life that feels

Society doesn't get to write our stories. They don't get to decide who we are. Let's rewrite the narrative!


“Tiffany helped me get through a bad time an even better woman. She helped me connect with my femininity in ways no one talks about on TikTok. It was truly spiritual"

- Amellia K.

“Tiffany is funny, relatable, and really good at this. I saw one of her TikToks on being a sunflower and I knew she would give me the type of perspective I needed to change my life lol. I wasn't wrong!"

- Tamia L.

I purchased her 1st book as soon as she announced it and I've been following her journey closely ever since. She never said what was next but I knew it would be something beautiful and powerful."

- Shayla M.

You've arrived here with a purpose, guided by a subtle yet powerful longing for transformation. Deep within, your mind, body, and spirit have been yearning for something beyond the achievements, relationships, and material possessions that have marked your journey so far.  Your intuition speaks to you, urging you to acknowledge the disconnection from your unique feminine energy and embrace the shift. You have the power to change your life. 

"You're not stuck. You're playing out the wrong story line..."

But first, it is time to heal. Understand that your relationship with yourself will touch everything you touch. Your belief in yourself or lack there of will be the foundation of all your efforts. Your level of self-awareness & confidence will be reflected in all your relationships and in your ability to achieve anything outside of them. This is why I am committed to walk with Black Women as they sit beside themselves and intentionally fall in love. in order to better our community as a collective.

What you gain...

Reconnect with Your Authentic Feminine Self

Build Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

Enhance Your Sensuality

Set Personal Goals

Support on  your journey

Nurture your authentic feminine energy!

This isn't about finding a high value man. It's not about creating a hyper feminine physical persona that will meet society's unrealistic beauty standards.  It's about supporting the women who chose healing. It's about nurturing their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being so that they step into their power and realize their ability to manifest the fulfilling lives that their truest selves are worthy of.

You will encounter many signs, guides, and experiences on your healing journey. Our alternative programs and services are just one of those experiences and are in no way intended to take the place of professional therapy or counseling. We focus on the unique narratives and experiences of  Black Women and attempt to resolve the disconnect it causes from their divine feminine by venturing into the parts below the layers they've acquired to survive. Our programs are intended to increase clarity, self-awareness, confidence, sensuality, as well as other aspects of their physical, mental, and emotional femininity. 

You may benefit from exploring your inner world with me if you have been feeling unsatisfied with your life, stuck, self-conscious, "unsexy", incapable of attracting what you want, having difficulty connecting, feeling numb, and/or unmotivated.


Together, we will take a journey from the you that you are in this moment to a version of you that gets closer to your favorite self with each and every day. We aren't just elevating your physical appearance, but your appreciation for your femininity on levels that take all of your senses to enjoy. The soft life is not a "Black Girl Fairytale". It's a choice. And if you're feeling anything like described above, it's up to you to make the choice to change it. 

You do have the power to change things. Believing you do is the magic. If you're ready for your next level, schedule your free consultation today! Online, self-paced courses will be available soon. Join the mailing list to stay up to date. 

Feminine Discovery & Guided Healing

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